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4 Supreme court judges on Ahmednassir’s hit list – Weekly Citizen





Judge Njoki Ndung’u

Judge Smokin Wanjala

Judge JB Ojwang








Supreme Court Justices Mohammed Ibrahim and Njoki Ndungú are the target by lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi in the alleged bribe case that upheld Wajir governor’s election.

Ahmednasir represented the loser in Supreme Court.

Judge Mohammed Ibrahim

Lawyer Ahmednassir

Already firebrand lawyer claims, Justice Ibrahim was prevailed upon to change his mind. The lawyer claims money exchanged hands to a tune of Sh50 million.


Other Supreme Court judges on Ahmednasir hit list are, JB Ojwang, and Smokin Wanjala. Apart from bribery, they are to be removed on a petition that they have no moral grounds to hold such offices.

Consequently, the former governor through Nchogu, Omwanza and Nyasim Advocates is back to court seeking a review of the decision that Governor Abdi Mohamud’s election was valid.

The petition to remove the Supreme Court Judges is to be filed with Judicial Service Commission (JSC).


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