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A list of the times Parliamentary sessions have ended up in fights



A list of the times Parliamentary sessions have ended up in fights

We are no longer surprised when we see our leaders fight after a heated discussion in chambers.

From your favorite MCA’s to MP’s here is a list of those leaders who have been seen on video fighting.

At times one tends to wonder do these mps remember they have families watching them and friends as well, or do they only think about themselves?

1. South Africa 


Radical mps in South Africa threw punches during one of their parliamentary sessions. It was when the former President Jacob Zuma was to give the State of the Nation address that they stood up to cause the chaos telling the former president to resign.

2. Uganda 


When the parliament in Uganda wanted to change the issue of presidential age limit. This is because their constitution stated that a president should not be 75 years and above. However, their current president passed that age limit which later ended up with a fight.

3. Kenya


Fistfights and scuffles broke out in the Kenyan parliament in 2014 as members approved sweeping anti-terrorism laws that rights activists warn pose a draconian threat to civil liberties and freedom of speech.

The Speaker was thrown for books and other objects by some members of parliament.

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