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Abdul Karim: Sierra Leone diplomat accused in sex-for-jobs scandal



A 51 year old diplomat, Abdul Karim, working at the Sierra Leone embassy in Nairobi has been accused of rape.

Abdul is said to lure young girls with a promise of a job yet rapes them then blocks their number.

Though we did not receive his picture so as to warn other Nairobi Women about this rapist, we wish to publish such in subsequent articles. We need a safe Nairobi.

Abdul is accused of running a brothel

Here is *Asha’s Story: (Name changed to protect identity)

This is a formal complaint about one ABDUL KARIM who works at the Sierra Leone embassy here in Kenya. Abdul has been involved in criminal activities here in Nairobi and gets away with it.

He has been reported severally and no actions has ever been taken against him.

Sometime last month, Mr Abdul lured a young girl by the name Asha in the name of securing her a job at the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) or embassy, he requested for the CV and it was sent to him.

Instead he lured the young girl to his house along statehouse road at CBK apartments and drugged her, as he is used to doing to other girls, and raped her.

Asha did not give the job as promised.

Why is Abdul running illegal businesses in the name of calling himself a diplomat when he is a CRIMINAL?

If no action will be taken against this criminal, we are afraid we are going to protest in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

We are sick and tired of his evil Deeds.

Why promise young gilrs job only to lure them, drug them and rape them?







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