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Oprah Winfrey in Soweto
US television talk show star Oprah Winfrey delivers a keynote address at an event in Soweto, South Africa, to mark 100 years since the birth of Nelson Mandela.

Unicef releases in Geneva, Switzerland, a new report on children in crisis-hit Central African Republic (CAR).

Angolan Supreme Court extends the detention of Mr José Filomeno dos Santos (Zenú), the son of former President José Eduardo dos Santos, by 25 days more days. He is facing corruption related charges.

Zambian activists in court

Six Zambian anti-corruption activists appear in court in Lusaka facing charges over protest.

The Burkina Faso opposition calls for a general strike to protest over rising fuel prices.

Zimbabwe opposition rally

Zimbabwe’s MDC opposition alliance holds rally to protest against the country’s worsening economic crisis.

Campaigns continue in the DR Congo for the December 23 presidential election.

Unesco meets in Mauritius

Mauritius hosts the Unesco Committee for Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage till Saturday.

Campaigns continue in Nigeria for the 2019 presidential and parliamentary elections.

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