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Amref unveils first fully-owned Jet Air ambulance



Amref Flying Doctors has
unveiled a jet air ambulance, a Cessna Citation XLS.

This is one of the two fully owned jets hence likely to be the biggest milestones in Amref Flying Doctors since its transformation.

The jet is christened, Sir Archie.

The emergency response outfit says that with the acquisitions, it leaps to an internationally recognised and accredited air ambulance provider.

“We can now enjoy our expanded in-house capability for aeromedical patient repatriation to or from other continents,” a statement from Amref reads in part. 

Dr Bettina Vadera, Amref Flying Doctors chief executive said: “Introduction Cessna Citation XLS jet into own fleet ends years of depending on a third-party aircraft provider for the long-haul evacuation and repatriation flights.”

At the same time,  the agency has also launched the newly built Operations and Emergency Control Centre (OECC).

The new OECC has a state-of-the-art ICT systems and communication equipment for medical and aviation professionals.

Defence Cabinet Secretary Raychelle Omamo had earlier challenged Amref Flying Doctors to build a robust brand to survive the ever changing operating environment.

“As we all celebrate Amref Flying Doctors new status as a jet operation, we must remember that in an increasingly challenging medevac service such as this there is need to make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.”

“I challenge you to continue elevating the prominence of your services in Eastern Africa and the continent into a global level,” she said during the air ambulance launch recently. 

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