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Builders ‘ignore’ NCA suspension notices



Construction of some suspended buildings is going on without supervision, Public Works PS Paul Maringa said yesterday.

More than 3,000 construction sites have been suspended by the National Construction Authority. The suspension notices are being ignored. A majority of these projects are in Nairobi, especially in informal settlements such as Huruma and Githurai.

Maringa said those who defy the notices will be met with the full force of the law. “The law is clear on what is needed when it comes to construction. We cannot allow anyone to carry out construction without approvals,” he said.

Maringa said the government will “not compromise on non-compliance with the law.” He spoke to the press in his office.

He said all copies of suspension notices have been shared with the county government, the police and the DCI. “Measures will be put in place to ensure laws are complied with. Our job is not to demolish but secure lives and properties and time for impunity is over,” Maringa said.

Further, engineers and architects who do shoddy work and engage in malpractices risk having their licences revoked.

Churches and schools have been cited to be in the notorious list of sites that are not compliant.

In Central Nyanza, some proposed residential development have been listed as notorious sites.

In Mount Kenya, several sites that did not meet the requirements have also been listed. A proposed school in Kagumo belonging to Kagumo High School had no contractor.

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In Kajiado, two developments have been listed and reported to the police.

Secretary of National Building Inspectorate Moses Nyakiongora said several buildings are unsafe and will be destroyed. “Nine buildings in Huruma [Nairobi] are completely unsafe. Some have been vacated and others are still occupied,” he said.

Nyakiongora said his inspectorate will not sit back as unsafe buildings kill and maim Kenyans.

NCA acting executive director Maurice Akech said, “We publish the list ofconstruction sites that have defied suspension notices on the authority’s website.” He said majority of the suspended sites do not have registered contractors or necessary consultants, such as engineers.

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