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Cops arrest pregnant wife of suspect in Italian aid worker abduction



Police have arrested a pregnant wife of one of the suspects linked to the abduction of an Italian aid worker in Chakama on Tuesday.

The woman was arrested even as the hunt for the three, who have a Sh1 million bounty on their heads, was arrested at Tarasaa in Tana Delta on Sunday evening.

Police are also holding the in law of Said Adam Abdi, one of the suspects.

Silvia Constanca, the manager of Africa Milele Onlus was abducted by heavily armed men suspected to be al Shabaab militants.

A victim of the attack was moved to Mombasa County referral hospital for surgery to remove bullet lodged in his body.

Four others, who were injured during the attack, are recuperating in hospital.

Coast regional coordinator Bernard Lemparamai said the woman gave birth about a week ago .

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He said security personnel arrested her after they intercepted conversations between her and the wanted husband.

He said security personnel are interrogating the two with a view to knowing the whereabouts of the suspects and the aid worker.

“We know he loves his wife and she can ask him to release the aid worker,” Leparmarai said.

Since Friday, a major operation is going on in Tana Delta after reports emerged that the suspects had been traced in Tarasaa area.

Officers drawn from KDF, regular police , AP, GSU, KWS, special forces from the AP and KDF have closed all the routes to seal any way for the suspects to cross over to the vast Boni forest.

Reliable sources from the security team said they are confident the suspects won’t cross to Garrisa, Ijara or Lamu through River Tana.

Coast regional police boss on Wednesday said they were using drones to pursue the suspects.

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