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Is Governor Kivutha Kibwana rethinking his decision to quit active politics? Word has it that the law professor could be exploring the possibility of taking up another political position in 2022. Kibwana has said he will hang up his boots once he completes his current term of office. Those close to him, have however, hinted that the good governor may be a running mate to one of the presidential candidates.


Speaking of governors, we are told that some of those in Mount Kenya region who were angling themselves to deputise William Ruto have slowed down their ambitions. Reason? They are no longer sure that Ruto is Uhuru’s chosen successor. Some have quietly been avoiding being seen in public with the man from Sugoi and are reaching out to other possible candidates.


Has Gideon Moi decided to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty? The son of the former president has scaled up his political activities in the recent past with visits to opposition strongholds of Nyanza and western Kenya and President Uhuru’s home region of central. We are told that the Baringo Senator is planning other visits to the rest of the country as he tries to position himself. We are told that Gideon’s moves have been prompted by the decision by President Uhuru Kenyatta to open up the 2022 presidential race.


One of the Kenya Revenue Authority board members has been put on the spot by his colleagues as well as top officials at the tax collection agency. Reason? The member has allegedly been acting as an agent for some importers of bitumen products yet the same are produced locally. They are concerned why an official of such high position is busy promoting importation of certain products at the expense of local manufactures and also undermining President Uhuru Kenyatta’s agenda four on boosting local manufacturing.


A former MP from Nyanza has lost hope in politics after he unsuccessfully failed to recapture the seat. His political career has dwindled to the point that he resorted to hiring hecklers to cheer him up in funerals. Residents vowed not to elect him over his poor track record for the two terms he served. Recently, the man who served as assistant minister, hired hecklers and ferried them to a former councilor’s burial. But they were shut down by youths who got wind of their plans to heckle the representative of the current MP from speaking. Surprisingly, the MP showed up unexpectedly amid cheers from locals. He addressed mourners peacefully forcing the hired hecklers to leave. He has so far decided to join forces with other perennial poll losers to groom a candidate, who had vied for the seat and lost, for 2022 race.

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