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Did President Uhuru Kenyatta make the right choice by appointing former Vice President Moody Awori‘s to become member of the Sports, Art and Social Development Fund board? The Head of State has defended the appointment, accusing the youth of embezzling public funds whenever they assume top leadership positions. Well, moles close to State House reveals that the appointment has not gone well with some of Uhuru’s key confidants. The source indicated that due process was not considered while appointing Awori, 91. It is still unclear whether Uhuru had these moles in mind while defending Awori yesterday.


A first term MP from Luo Nyanza has deployed a new strategy of survival in the 12th Parliament. The lawmaker who has not made meaningful contribution on the floor of the House has stunned his colleagues. The MP known for drama hardly spends five minutes in the House. He has the tendency of sneaking in with a tie, logging in to the system and hurriedly walking away to ‘God knows where’. But at the end of the month, sitting allowances trickles in his bank account. Is it part of the reason why the legislators are pushing for additional perks?


Still in Parliament, a second time legislator seems to have fallen in love. But the lucky lady is surprisingly a first time MP who is equally drowning in love. Well, our mole spotted the two new love birds enjoying sweet moments at the corridors of Parliament. Well, as they say, love is indeed a beautiful thing. As the House resumes on February next year, it is still unclear whether the two will continue pursuing the journey of love.


About 10 youths who were recently employed in a county in Nyanza have abandoned work and resorted to demanding for handouts from county officers. At one pointed the youths were deployed away from the county offices complained to executive to redeploy them in town saying the stations were far. Sources said they wanted to be closer to their targets at the executive and assembly. The daring group walk to county government offices for handouts before camping at the county assembly premises to cheer up MCAs. The MCAs who fail to give them money usually find themselves in problem as they are heckled and insulted by the “money hungry youths” who are also ready to attack you. Recently, they insulted a nominated MCA for failing to give them cash. The energetic youths accompany the county chief in function to cheer him up when addressing the public. Locals are now asking why such group should continue to earn salary and being entertained by the governor after abandoning work to demand for handout.

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