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Officers in the state department of broadcasting and telecommunication are complaining over the slow pace of processing payments. Although the Director of Information and the person in charge of the Directorate of public communications are designated AIE holders, they have been rendered redundant after the PS Fatuma Hirsi issued a directive that all vouchers and traveling funds originating from the two departments based at Uchumi House and Post Bank Towers be taken to her office at Teleposta Towers to countersign. Those complaining allege that the directive is hindering or has slows down processing of payments. Is the PS being extra careful to avoid the tribulations that have befallen her predecessor?

A cartel operating with some senior politicians from Rift Valley has been holding secret meetings at a hotel along Thika Road. The cartel said to be running the show at the Ministry of Health has held about four meetings in the last two weeks in the pretext of planning for 2022. A second-term MP who has been attacking Deputy President William Ruto has attended two of the well-oiled meetings which take place between 6pm to 9pm. A mole within the hotel confided to Corridors of Power that the vocal MP was last week accompanied by another anti-Ruto lawmaker from Central Kenya during one of the meetings where several documents were carted in. Is state security aware of the meetings and what could be the purpose of the trove of documents? A company allied to the vocal Rift Valley MP won a multi-million tender at the scandal-ridden National Youth Service.

A senior official at the State Department for social services is on the spot for doctoring documents sent from satellite officials and manipulating figures that have denied several elderly Kenyans their dues. While the State had enumerated all elderly Kenyans to benefit from the government’s safety net for those aged above 75 years, the official is said to have logged in and manipulated data, especially from Kisii county thus denying many senior citizens their money. It is alleged that the official creates multiple accounts with the same national ID numbers and uses them to divert thousands of money to some fictitious accounts from where it is withdrawn and shared. Is the ministry aware of this racket?

Some politicians from NorthEastern are being marked closely by police after leads emerged that they are inciting their clans to fight for the position of an administrator that fell vacant. Corridors is informed that one of the MPs has even been using his colleagues to abuse government officials on the floor of Parliament who are seen as a stumbling block to the appointment of the administrator.

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