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Countries where violence against women is prevalent



An international campaign to challenge violence against women is underway worldwide.

The 16 days of activism began on November 25, and concludes on December 10.

Gender based violence  is prevalent in this list of countries below:

1. DRC Congo

Congo which is home to over 81 million people is one of the nations whereby women believe it is justified to be beaten at certain occasions. Congo has had a problem with corruption, political unrest, violence, and exploitation.

Females in the DR Congo not only lack basic human rights but according to the country’s Family Code are under the guardianship of their husbands and are even denied the ability to sign legal documents without permission from their spouse.

2. Senegal


Women who are living in Senegal are mostly influenced by their religious beliefs , customs and traditions. Violence against women include practices such as  genital mutilation, rape, incest, and domestic abuse.

3. Cambodia


Cultural and traditional beliefs have greatly influenced the increase of female abuse in Cambodia.Over 15 million people come from Cambodia and unfortunately conservatives here believe that traditions should be retained ruling that women should be soft spoken and that they have no major say in society.

Women have to ensure that they maintain good repute and ensure that their husbands image is not ruined.However , failure to do so results to thorough punishment, which most of the time results to the ladies committing suicide.

4. Zambia


Zambia is another country whereby its women suffer due to things like lack of adequate rights that fully protect them and freedoms including the inability to own or inherit land.

Other things that fully affect them include  forced marriages, marriage at a young age, high maternal death rates during childbirth, poor education for girls, and an increased vulnerability to diseases such as HIV.

5. Egypt


Other than most of its people following their religions and customs, the people believe that domestic violence is a matter to be handled in the family and that it shouldn’t go past that. That’s why there haven’t been proper laws that outlaw the practice.

This has also led to women being restricted on a number of things.

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