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Dear ODPP, DCI and EACC: Joshua Oigara’s Hitman Isaiah Kubai Issues Death Threats To Alphonce Were



He then took Hillary Mwania to advance his course of oppression. Mwania threatened me that I will know who he is in due course. He has however since failed to handle his assummed duty of confusing workers in BBK. Also one former KCB employee has been taken to help him but the person has not taken the role as of the time of writing this. Kenyan bankers and workers must arise to the occassion.Mr. Kubai is now strategising how to oppress the workers through managing Mr. Francis Atwoli whom I know will not entertain these oppressive jokes from Kubai once the truth will reach him.

Kubai as well is plotting with madam Juddy Ann Gucerwa to find ways of using judiciary to silence the vocal people on his embezzlement of funds in BIFU. Juddy through her law firm is taking the instructions after ascertaining the lies from Kubai. They have a plan to prefer defamation charges against me and a few other people which is okay if they have their house in order but the facts we have awaits their charges so that we see if shortcuts will help them. In this matter, Juddy will be handled not just as an advocate but accomplice in the fraudulent activities of Mr. Kubai in BIFU since he entertained Mr. Kubai and Mwania in her office on 15th and 16th November 2018 to peddle the lies and raise fears in me. Kenyans will know the truth very soon on the misappropriation of funds in BIFU and use of non-members as officials for easy looting and poor management of the workers affairs.

KCB CEO Joshua Oigara Bribed BIFU General Secretary Isaiah Kubai With Ksh. 5 Million To Kill Case

Now my life is most likely in danger because I have stood for truth. God shall fight for me as He has done in the past. Deliverance is not far for all workers from the jaws of greed in Mr. Kubai who as well has been in this organization from 1986. He will for sure fall with all his bad plans and intentions.I must confirm to the entire world that when I was called by the OCS central police station (Mr. Kiptanui S.K. ) and with him is a letter detailing how i am planning to have hooligans to cause chaos to Mr. Kubai, I knew there is something very serious ahead. In addition, Judy Kubai the daughter of Mr. Kubai has decided to attack me with verbal and later on written insults and abuse. She called me names and for sure I knew there is something to be addressed. I have updated my wife on all these issues so that in case of anything she knows who to hold accountable for such. I cannot take such for granted.

However, due to the kind of life I have lived; one thing is clear to me: standing for the truth and what I know and believe in to be the factual truth. Nothing else will make the wrong thing become the right thing.

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