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France’s medical tech service provider TC4A sets up office in Nairobi



French firm Tech Care For All (TC4A) has launched its operations in East Africa to be headquartered in Nairobi.

This was after it raised Sh250 million ($2.5 million) capital for its global business.

The company, which is registered in Belgium, has over the last two months entered the Indian and West African markets.

The firm focuses on improving health outcomes through leveraging on technology.

Emmanuel Blin, TC4A founder and chief executive, hailed Kenya for its leadership in harnessing the power of digital technology.

He said the use of tech in the financial services sector and the country’s dynamic entrepreneurial culture determined their choice of Nairobi.

“We chose Kenya because of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda that has Universal Health Coverage as a key priority,” Blin said.

“There is also a great digital health ecosystem here. We are excited to be creating direct and indirect jobs in the Kenyan market.”

The firm has appointed Benson Chuma to run the East African operations.

He said TC4A offers solutions to help patients access quality care, doctors and other providers to increase their skills, and health leaders to make informed decisions.

Chuma said the technology will be helpful to practitioners in dealing with non-communicable diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

“TC4A strives to offer comprehensive digital products to address the major pain points and most urgent needs faced by lower-middle income countries like Kenya.”

He cited inequities between urban, rural areas and chronic workforce shortages.

The company marries technology with the transformation of local health ecosystems across both the public and private sectors.

Some of the products being brought in Kenya include Medical Learning Marketplace – a worldwide medical platform that connects doctors and nurses to their expert colleagues.

This is for in-person, peer-to-peer training, and continuing medical education.

TC4A will also deal in Telediagnosis and telemedicine to deliver affordable care to the hardest-to-reach and poorest populations.

The firm has also partnered with Kenyan firm Savannah Informatics, a key player in eHealth software that will help in scope and execution of its projects in East Africa.

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