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IG Boinnet Strikes a Pose in New Police Uniform but Netizens are not Impressed



The National Police Service (NPS) on Tuesday attracted further ridicule after sharing pictures of Inspector General Joseph Boinnet clad in the new police uniforms.

The shouting royal blue uniforms were first subjected to ridicule in September when President Uhuru Kenyatta unveiled them as part of the new raft of reforms in the police force.

President Uhuru explained that the bright blue colour will “enhance better visibility for the officers”.

With Jamhuri Day approaching, when the new police unit will officially don the uniforms, IG Boinnet has led the way and stepped out looking as visible as promised by the President.

Pictures of Boinnet posing in the uniform were posted via the NPS Twitter handle, with the online community once again dismissing it as ugly and oldfashioned.

Here are the photos and some reactions thereafter.

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