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JUST BRENDA: I'm afraid long distance may ruin my relationship



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I am in a long distance relationship and to be honest, it is taking quite a toll on me. Although I find it difficult to stay apart for so long, present circumstances do not allow us to live close to each other. I intend to marry her but I fear that this issue of distance may ruin our relationship now and in future. Please advise.

Long distance is very hard. How much longer until you can be together? When will the circumstances change? You need a plan to finally be together.

When you say circumstances do not allow at the moment, I hope this means that they will be changing soon. In the meantime, make sure you maintain lines of communication.

If anything, now that you are further from each other, you have to make almost double the effort to maintain your relationship. Do consider how you can live and work in the same town soon – maybe you need to start talking about someone making a permanent move? Discuss this with her as well, maybe she has been thinking about it as well, and has a solution.