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A man opened fire at people outside a Kansas City, Mo., nightclub late on Sunday, killing a woman and wounding 15 people before he was shot dead, apparently by a security guard, the Kansas City Police Department and the city’s mayor said on Monday.

The shooting took place shortly after the city had witnessed the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs, earning the team a spot in the Super Bowl. Bars were packed and Arrowhead Stadium was full of fans, among them Mayor Quinton Lucas. In an interview on Monday, he said the police had been gearing up to respond to typical postgame celebrations, such as public drinking, when the attack occurred just over four miles from the stadium.

“It was a surprise to many of us because we expected most to be celebrating peacefully,” he said. “Certainly not something that was a mass shooting.”

The Kansas City Police Department said officers were called to the bar, the 9ine Ultra Lounge, near Noland Road and U.S. Highway 40, at about 11:30 p.m. local time. When officers arrived, they found a man and a woman who had been fatally shot.

“They found quite a chaotic scene,” said Capt. David Jackson, a police spokesman, in remarks published by the Kansas City Star. “It appears that a security guard who was working at the property stopped the shooter,” he said.

At least 15 people turned up at local hospitals saying that they had been injured in the attack, the police department said on Twitter. As of early Monday morning, three of them were in critical condition, it said.

People had been waiting in line to get into the bar when the attacker struck, the police said.

It was not immediately clear whether the victims knew their attacker, and the police were still investigating a motive. The police have not released the identities of the people killed.

“It appears to have been a person with a high-capacity weapon who just took aim at a crowd of people,” Mr. Lucas said, but he declined to provide further details about the type of gun.


“It was an individual who was not in the establishment before, and who was sitting outside. Beyond that, I don’t know if he was planning to enter, or if he was lying in wait, or if there was a particular victim in line,” he said.

“Trying to spray a crowd suggests this might be a person looking to maximize harm in a short amount of time, and did so,” Mr. Lucas said.

He said the security guard’s intervention likely prevented more people from being killed or harmed. “The challenge that we have in our state, our city and our country is there are a lot of people walking around with firearms,” Mr. Lucas said. “I am glad that someone was able to intervene.”

The club is near U.S. Highway 40, a major east-west highway that runs through Missouri and at least 11 other states.

After their victory against the Tennessee Titans, the Chiefs will now face off against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV on Feb. 2 in Miami Gardens, Fla.

Jean Peters Baker, the Jackson County prosecutor, said in a telephone interview on Monday that it appeared that the gunman acted alone.

Before the shooting, “spirits were pretty lifted” throughout the city in anticipation of the game, which people were watching at the stadium and at bars, she said.

The nightclub’s Facebook page advertised an event for Sunday night’s game, with a photograph of the Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Doors opened at 10 p.m. People wrote in with questions about specials and the cover charge.

But by Monday morning, at least one comment stood out: “Sorry to hear about the shootings.”

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