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Kenyans hilarious reaction to Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s accent



#BlueEconomyKE: Kenyans hilarious reaction to Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s accent


The Blue Economy forum is ongoing at the KICc, and one thing has caught the attention of Kenyans.

No, it’s not the discussions about the forum, but rather Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko addressing Blue Economy Con ference

His address to guests has amused many because he speaks in an American accent.

Read hilarious comments.

Enos Chetambe enowal….Mike sonko was really trying to tweng, Nairobi cirrrry Uhuru kenyarrrrrra

@hapakaaka…..Sonko is already practising the american tweng.. because soon the trumpets will blow and the dea direct flight will be onboard several passenged

Steve Jay…If there will be someone working on Sonko’s memoirs in future let them include today’s tweng. He spoke the language of the queen like first man.

ᒍIᗰᗰY ᑎYOIKᕮ….imagine what uhuru kenyarra was thinking when heard Sonko read his speech withat tweng……. ati cirri tena? mara headquarra

Pitch Black Kenya….Mike Sonko you legend, in Nairobi we tweng ????

George @Muriuki___…Yaani Sonko spotted a few moozungus while on podium and he quickly acquired a tweng? Smh

FendaRas wa Rube‏ @Fendaras …..Sonko kumbe anaeza tweng!!!!

Charles [email protected]…Mike Sonko’s tweng ni kama zile sahani za kabati ya juu, hutolewa tu wageni wakitembea nyumbani… ? ? ?

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