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LoL! Man’s Balls Bitten Off by ‘Mpango wa Kando’ in Bungoma



A middle-aged man from Lugusi Location in Webuye West Constituency, Bungoma County was admitted in hospital after part of his scrotum was bitten off by his lover last week.

Confirming the Thursday(November 20) incident, Lugusi Location Chief Samuel Neyombe said that the victim, 31-year-old Edwin Mukhwana, had visited his girlfriend, who was in the company of her female friend, in Bakisa Village, when the incident happened.

The administrator said Mukhwana had just leased out his parcel of land to a sugarcane farmer, and “had a lot of money with him” when he went to visit his girlfriend at around 4 pm.

Neyombe said Mukhwana, who is married, had promised to give his lover some money, but the amount he gave her was “too little” leading to a physical confrontation.

“The friend of Mukhwana’s girlfriend confined his head using her arms, while the victim’s lover embarked on biting his testicles. The two intended to robe the victim of his money,” Chief Neyombe told eDaily.

Neighbours who responded to Mukhwana’s screams of pain rushed him Lugusi Dispensary for treatment.

The clinic’s lead doctor, Emmanuel Mwanja, said they managed to contain the bleeding.

“The victim was bitten on his scrotum, though his testicles remained intact. We have managed to stitch him, and he is now in a stable condition. He, however, remains weak. We decided to refer him to Webuye Hospital for advanced treatment,” said Mwanja.

Mukhwana’s girlfriend was arrested but her friend managed to escape and is still on the run.

Amused locals urged married people to stay faithful to their partners to avoid such incidents.

“If you are married, kindly remain faithful to your spouse. Had Mukhwana been faithful, this predicament wouldn’t have befallen him,” a female Lugasi resident said.

While the area chief advised men

to make good use of the proceeds they get from farming and land-leasing.

“I urge men in Lugusi to wisely use the shambas they own. Proceeds from the use or leasing of such land should go to beneficial projects,” said Neyombe.

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