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MARAGA says he is not the Chief Priest of Corruption in Kenya after Kenyans accuses Judges and Magistrates of being too corrupt.



Saturday November 24, 2018-Chief Justice, David Maraga, has come to the defence of the Judiciary which is one of the most corrupt public institution in Kenya.

Speaking at the Nyando law courts on Friday when he presided over the opening of a new court building, Maraga said the Judiciary is not corrupt as claimed by Kenyans.

“Corruption is all over the country; we have sacked quite a number of judicial officers. We are not hiding them,” Maraga said.

The Chief Justice reaffirmed his commitment to the war on corruption, but said he will stand by judicial officers who are unfairly attacked.

“If they are caught doing anything wrong, they must be punished. But I will defend them if they are just being vilified by people whom they have made rulings against,” he said.

Maraga said social media has been particularly hostile to him, some even referring to him as “the high priest of corruption”.

Early this week, Director of Public Prosecutions, Nordin Haji ,accused the judiciary of frustrating the ongoing war against corruption by releasing suspects who have grave criminal charges.


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