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Mob beats up, burns suspected thieves in Naivasha



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A mob beat up and burnt two suspected thieves at Sanctuary area on the outskirts of Naivasha town on Saturday.

The two, who were under arrest, had gone to show police the house in which they had kept stolen items when they were attacked.

Police had trailed and arrested the suspects as they tried to enter the house.

Residents followed the police car when they noticed it in the area.

They accused the two of masterminding theft in the area.

“We had been keeping an eye on them. When we spotted the vehicle, we followed it,” said Michael Mwangi, a resident.

He added, “Police had already handcuffed the suspects but the crowd that gathered simply overpowered them. The suspects were beaten up and burnt but they miraculously survived the horrendous incident.”

The mob torched the police vehicle. Officers, who were dispatched to the scene for reinforcement, took the suspects to hospital.

Some of the stolen items were recovered from the house and ferried to Naivasha Police Station.