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MPs plot against Uhuru, Anti-Ruto MPs State House date, Quresh’s resolve: Your Breakfast Briefing



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A British barrister hired by the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji yesterday said he had what it takes to nail Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu.

Queen’s Counsel Khawar Quresh told the Star he had the experience and insights that will help him deal with the high profile and controversial case.

Here are the stories making headlines in the Star this Friday morning.

How MPs plot to arm-twist Uhuru on huge pay

Kenya’s lawmakers – among the highest paid in the world – have plotted how they will arm-twist President Uhuru Kenya on a bill enhancing their perks and allowances.

When they finally get their way and pass the controversial Parliamentary Service Bill, 2018, MPs would get the greenlight to award themselves enhanced travel allowances, official vehicle, house allowance and a superior medical cover for their extended families.


Anti-Ruto MPs to meet Uhuru over maize prices

Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary Andrew Tuimur yesterday told the maize farmers to forget any possibility of price changes.

This is even as it emerged a group of Rift Valley politicians have lined up a meeting with President Kenyatta to appeal for a price review.


How vulgar Briton, 75, ruined sex drive of wife 27

NMM got married to the UK national on August 2011, at the Mombasa registrar office and lived in Mtwapa.

After a year into the marriage, GRS started suggesting to the wife that they bring in a third party into their matrimony bedThe wife however shut down the suggestions.


Kenya’s fresh produce farmers gain entry into Korean market

Kenya has been cleared to export green bananas and broccoli to the Republic of South Korea.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday announced that the Animal and Plant Quarantine agency of the Asian State had given the green light for fresh produce exorts.


Limping sugarcane farming sends Migori residents back to drawing board

Hundreds of farmers in Migori county have grown sugarcane since 1979 as their major industrial crop with a hope of transforming their economic status.

For decades, they turned the sector into their economic mainstay and in the late eighties, they were a happy lot, minting millions in cash from the crop’s sales.

Today, the sector is moribund and many farmers are thinking of abandoning growing cane for alternative crops. 


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