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Murang’a county probes 11 botched circumcision cases in Kahuro



Murang’a County has formed a committee to investigate a case in which 11 boys underwent a botched circumcision.

Health CEC Joseph Mbai said a four-member committee will establish how the circumcision was conducted and whether the medics involved were qualified.

The 11 boys had gone for the cut at Wanjengi ACK church in Kahuro Sub-county but were forced to undergo a second operation at the Murang’a hospital after their wounds failed to heal.

“We also want to find out how qualified the doctor who did it is and if he is not then the appropriate legal measures will be taken,” Mbai added.

Mbai said circumcision is a sensitive exercise that requires precision.

“We will close down the facility if it is found on the wrong and especially if it is unlicensed,” he added.

In future, Mbai said such centres will be required to acquire a permit from the county government to conduct mass circumcision.

Medical practitioners conducting the exercise will also have to get an authorization letter to avert a recurrence of such incidences.

Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege has also strongly condemned the incidence that she said amounted to negligence.

“As the chairperson of the parliamentary health committee, am asking the medical practitioners board to investigate the doctor and find out if he is one of the quacks who have been taking advantage of innocent Kenyans,” she said.

Sabina who was speaking during the burial of 15 years old Juliano Kanyonyo who was murdered in Kandara.

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