Mzungu shares heartbreaking PHOTOs from streets of Kampala, No wonder TRUMP calls Africa a shithole continent.

December 4, 2018
– A white woman who was in
Uganda’s capital, Kampala, has exposed Africa’s stupidity and mess to the
world, proving that we are our own enemies.

Just like in Kenya’s Capital, Nairobi,
Uganda’s Kampala is a no go zone for hawkers.

This mzungu was photographing hawkers going
about their business in the streets and all of a sudden, kanjus emerged from
the blues and started chasing them.

Why can’t they build markets for these poor
hawkers trying to earn an honest living?

This mzungu went back to her Country with a
very bad picture about Africa.

Here are the photos that she shared.


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By Kenyan Digest

The Kenyan Digest Team