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Nairobi Beautification Funded by my Own Money



Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has sensationally claimed that he has been using money out of his own pocket to fund the Nairobi City beautification project.

Appearing before the Senate County Public Investment Committee on Monday, Sonko said that ahead of the Blue Economy Conference held in Nairobi last week, he coughed up Sh100,000 from his personal account on the error-ridden posters of cabinet secretaries and governors erected along Mombasa Road.

When the committee asked why he had opted to use his own money yet the county could fund the project, Sonko said the facelift programme was not in the county budget.

He further stated that, “Nairobi is in my heart, Nairobi is in my blood, this is a pilot project. We want to transform Nairobi.”

“We benchmarked in Kigali and Dubai, who spend on beautification. I was trying to implement to see if it works. We want to add it to the next budget, but for now, it is my own money.”

With the committee seemingly struggling to acknowledge the governor’s philanthropy, Sonko dared them to invite the Auditor General to look into the county expenditure, adding that he had never spent a coin from the county coffers on beautification.

“I am a philanthropist and my work is known,” Sonko said.

When the committee sought to know how much he has spent on the project, Sonko said: “That, I have to check on my bank statements, because I use personal resources.”

Sonko also defended his regular hiring and firing of staff saying that he inherited a corrupt government from his predecessor, Evans Kidero.

“Immediately I took oath, I promised Nairobians to deal with corruption,” he said, “I fire my officers for genuine reasons. We inherited a corrupt government from my predecessor.”

“I will continue to fire corrupt officers until we restore good operations. I want to protect the interest of the people,” Sonko said.

The county boss also mentioned that in two months time he will nominate a candidate to take up the position of deputy governor as well as unveil a new cabinet.

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