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Nairobians bash ‘chameleon Sonko’ after changing tune on matatu CBD ban



Nairobians have bashed governor Mike Sonko for being a chameleon after suspending the matatu CBD ban.

Sonko earlier suspended the ban on matatus from entering the CBD with immediate effect.

He said the ban was part of measures to decongest the city centre, and followed months of planning as well as public and stakeholder participation.

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“Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko next time never try our patience again, otherwise electorates are a force to reckon,” @Toshthuku said.

 @mwangisam71 said “We’re now back to square one as Sonko lifts the Matatu CBD ban. Why bow to pressure?.”

He added “Sonko has just reminded me of that high school biology topic in food chain “capture recapture method.”

@dibllo said “From worthless to very worthless real quick. Sonko you can take back your so-called ‘plight of commuters to wherever. Who withdraws a working system (whether efficiently or not) minus giving an alternative?”

“Sonko and Luka Modric winner are both in wrong positions since both of them run away from pressure but somehow get awarded for it,” @i_am_farees_ said.

@hapakaaka said, “Sonko just wanted to wash his hands.. that he did his part and no one should blame him for not trying.”

Facebook user Peter Ndung’u said “How do I regain the fat I burnt yesterday? Why are you taking my fatty acids and glycerol for granted Mr gym instructor?”

User Isal Faruq said “Do consultation before action… the damage is already done … Sakaja gave out 100 buses then you counter his generosity by uplifting the ban… you are playing with people’s life.”

“Why go to the toilet after you are done with shit then you remember you have not carried a tissue paper, think through before taking action,” Muraya Isaac Chege said.

Daylan Mkare wrote”This is what you would have done at first, I was stuck in traffic for five good hours and had to walk eight kilometers to find a bus to my place, you inconvenienced so many people, what is this.”

But others applauded him for listening to the plight of Kenyans after thousands were forced to walk to work on Monday.

Thousands of commuters walked for long distances to their workplaces after the county government effected the gazette notice banning matatus from the CBD.

Some walked for as long as five kilometres.

See: [VIDEO] Commuters stranded as CBD matatu ban takes effect

“A wise leader listens to his people “Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko”. Now City planners should come up with a comprehensive long-lasting solution that will translate to sanity we dream of,” @DukeofKitale said.

Facebook user Jamilla Kiki said “I found the decision ridiculous to say the least. It’s good you reflected back and decided to consult widely, please let this be the spirit going forward.”

The effects of the ban on matatus from the CBD stretched into the night on Monday as private vehicle owners found themselves in a gridlock.

As the ‘walkathon’ by commuters who depend on PSVs continued, private car owners didn’t have it any easier.

Traffic jams stretching several hundreds of metres were evident on major highways in the city as late as 9.30pm.

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