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Nakuru man found guilty of child sex offences



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A court in Nakuru on Wednesday convicted a 45-year-old man of six counts of sexual offences against minors.

Mr Thomas Musabire Kidemi was found guilty of promoting child prostitution, child pornography and sexual activities against underage boys.

Nakuru Resident Magistrate Eunice Kelly said the evidence produced by the prosecution convinced the court that the suspect had indeed lured the schoolboys to engage in sexual activities with a mentally ill woman after encouraging them to watch pornographic materials.

Ms Kelly in her ruling described Mr Musabire as a pervert who established a close relationship with the pupils with the intention of satisfying his sexual fantasies.

“The evidence provided by the prosecution shows that the accused took advantage of the young children to secretly satisfy his dark sexual fantasies without care.

“They circumstance surrounding the charges paint a picture of a pervert who will stop at nothing to satisfy his sexual desires without minding their criminality,” said Ms Kelly.

In his mitigation, Mr Musabire asked for a lenient punishment saying that he was the breadwinner of his family.

He told the court that he was a father of five daughters who all depended on him. He also regretted the offense saying that he had learnt a lesson not to entertain young children.

Ms Kelly however, directed the probation department to compile a report of the suspect’s background record before she delivers her sentence on December 18.