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Pharmacy and Poisons Board allays fears of condoms shortage



There is no shortage of condoms as a result of last week’s recall, the Pharmacy and Poisons Board has said.

In a statement on Saturday, Chief Executive Officer Fred Siyoi said the recall was for a specific batch and not a complete withdrawal of the products from the market.

“We want to assure our consumers that there are other brands of condoms for use by the public,” Siyoi said.

Last week, the Ministry of Health recalled Fiesta Stamina and Fiesta Big Black condoms on grounds that they are substandard.

The board said in a letter to Cupid Limited dated November 20, that the condoms were faulty.

“The batch of Fiesta Stamina failed freedom from holes test while that of Fiesta Big Black failed the thickness test,” the letter signed by Jacinta Wasike said.

“You are hereby directed to immediately institute a recall of the affected batch. In addition, submit a recall plan within two days of the receipt of this letter.”

The board said it is undertaking investigations to ascertain the suspected quality defect on specific batches of male condoms.

“We would like to advise consumers and health professionals that the recall of the two batches of male condoms is being done in consultation with market authorisation holders’ Surgipharm Ltd,” the letter said.

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