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Philip Murgor, Taib Ali and James Kihara to provide legal services for ODPP



Three applicants have been pre-qualified to provide special legal services to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

They include; former DPP Philip Murgor, ex-Mayor Taib Ali Taib and lawyer James Kihara.

In a notice on Wednesday, DPP Noordin Haji said they had received 15 applications and processed them as per the criteria set.

“Only three were successful. The responses were not as expected and, therefore, the DPP will advertise again in order to build a strong portfolio of special prosecutors to assist the ODPP,” he added.

In October, Haji invited applications for pre-qualification to provide legal services. The advert was targeting high profile lawyers, at least  100 law firms applied. 

A number of high profile corruption-related cases are pending in court including that against Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu and National Land Commission Chairman Muhammad Swazuri.

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