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President Uhuru says no to the Parliamentary Service Bill 2018



Residents of Kiambu County today objected to the move by Members of Parliament to award themselves hefty perks and requested President Uhuru Kenyatta not to assent to the Parliamentary Service Bill 2018, when it is presented to him.

Expressing their concerns to the President who was on a meet the people tour of the county and to launch the Rais Mashinani Programme at Ndumberi stadium, the residents said it was unfair for leaders whom they elected to represent and help them improve their livelihoods, to start enriching themselves at the expense of the majority.

“Your Excellency we urge you not to assent to the Bill by the MPs, its not in good faith,” said a resident of Wangige town.

The President concurred with residents sentiments and assured them that he will not assent to the Bill, which proposes more benefits for MPs.

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The President stated that elected leaders should be more concerned about changing the lives of their constituents, rather than enriching themselves.

“I know some people will not be happy with me. I have heard wananchi today telling me that they are tired of MPs giving themselves hefty allowances.  I support wananchi,” said President Kenyatta before calling on politicians to go slow on politics and serve the public.

“Time for politicking is over, it’s now time for elected leaders to deliver on the promises they made to wananchi. Those who will not deliver will be voted out in the next election,” President Kenyatta said.

The Head State said his Government will continue working closely with all elected leaders willing to improve the well being of Kenyans by constructing more roads to ensure farmers access markets for their farm produce.

“Let’s put politics aside and deliver for our people. We were elected to deliver not to politic,” President Kenyatta said.

“We are more concerned about development and improving our infrastructure as this will help our people in terms of conducting businesses, ” the President continued.

The President also called on those driving public service vehicles (PSV’s) to be more cautious on the roads especially during this festive season.

He said those driving matatus should be more disciplined on the roads knowing well that they are carrying human life which is very precious.

“Everybody has a family waiting for them at home, no one wants to leave their home just to die on the road,” the President cautioned.

President Kenyatta made stopovers in  Wangunyu, Ndenderu and Kiambu town to acknowledge greetings from wananchi who turned out  in large numbers to welcome him.

At Wangunyu, the President inspected Mamacare Addiction Recovery Centre where he awarded certificates to 77 reformed youths who previously were drug addicts.

At  Ndumberi President Kenyatta launched the Huduma Mashinani initiative which will enhance the existing Huduma Centres by extending government services deeper into previously unreached pockets of the country.

Noting that many citizens live far away from Huduma Centres and find it challenging to access critical government services, President Kenyatta said Huduma Mashinani staff will reach out to different sub counties and provide the much needed services to Kenyans.

“We are turning around affairs so that the people do not go out to the government but now the government will go out to the people”, said the President.

President Kenyatta also launched the “Honest Public Service Campaign in Africa” which is an African Union initiative geared towards eradication of corruption in public service and provision of quality service to citizens.

“All public servants must serve all without asking for bribes or issuing threats whether they are policemen or chiefs or even county commissioners”, said the President.

He called for mutual respect between public officers and wananchi saying that while citizens must obey the law, officers should discharge their duties without any form of corruption.

The President also presided over the presentation of cheques to various groups in Kiambu County.

President Kenyatta presented Shs 83 million from Women Enterprise Fund to various women groups and Shs 14.8 million to 45 groups under the Youth Enterprise Fund.

He also presented cheques worth Shs 7.82 million to 89 groups under the Uwezo Fund and another Shs 28 million from the National Government Affirmative Action Fund targeting bursaries and women empowerment activities in the county.