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Probe into DCI officer killing a junior begins



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Detectives are investigating the circumstances under which a policeman killed a colleague when they reportedly disagreed over a government vehicle.

The killing took place in Kiambu County early Friday morning.

The constable, attached to Thindigua Police Post, was shot four times by a Directorate of Criminal Investigations chief inspector.

The junior police officer was returning to his station in the company of his uncle when he encountered the inspector moments past midnight, police say.

After a brief confrontation, the senior officer opened fire, killing the colleague on the spot.

The inspector, who according to sources, moved to a flat in Thindigua two months ago, was driving a station wagon belonging to the DCI headquarters when he encountered the pair.

Kiambu acting police chief Eileen Mola said the inspector, who is being held at Kiambu Police Station, said the constable stopped him and demanded that he surrenders the vehicle. The inspector, according to police reports, said he warned the constable against threatening him but the junior kept ordering him to surrender the car as he advanced towards him.

“The chief inspector stopped the vehicle and shot the constable at close range. He then alighted and shot the victim continuously,” reads the report.

The junior police officer was unarmed and in civilian clothes but the inspector has a pistol and a sub-machine gun. He used both guns in the shooting spree.

The inspector then shot at the constable’s uncle who ran to a construction site. He escaped unhurt.

The senior police officer also fired at four other people who had witnessed the killing, including the owner of a bar than 50 metres from the crime scene.

A bullet hit the door of the bar but did not injure anybody. Another destroyed the rear windscreen of the car belonging to the bar owner.

After the incident, the inspector who is known to locals because of his vehicle produces loud noise, went to the police post where officers wrestled the firearms from him.

Police took the pistol, two magazines with 14 rounds while the sub-machinegun had a with 30 rounds. There were four spent cartridges at the scene. The body was taken to Kenyatta University mortuary.







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