Rosemary Odinga finally seen in public months after surgery

Rosemary Odinga finally seen in public months after surgery

Daughter to CORD leader Raila Odinga was yesterday seen for the first time months after undergoing brain tumor surgery.

She was accompanied by  her aide Caroline Achieng and Nominated MCA Catherine Okoth as she was still unable to walk alone as her sight had been deteriorating after the surgery.

There was excitement and at the same time the residents of Kibera looked at her with sympathy since the once vibrant lady they once knew who wanted to vie for member of parliament was looking a bit frail.


“Leo sina sauti sana kama vile mmenizoea (my voice is not as strong as you know it),” were the first words she uttered when she faced the media and residents that filled the venue where she received 60 sewing machines donated to the Educational centre by Korean NGO, I Love Africa.

A close family friend revealed that she is getting better even though her sight wasn’t.

“I am getting more confident now on my new life after losing my sight following the surgery,” said Rosemary.

She told the people to take advantage of the sewing machines which were given to them to acquire more skills.

“I am happy to see you people get these machines which I know after the training will play a big role in addressing the issue of unemployment in our community,” she said.

I love Africa board president Lee Chang said beneficiaries will get three-months training and get tested by National Industrial Training Authority (NITA)

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