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Shock and Horror as “Gang of 15 Rape, Kill, and Eat Body Parts of 6-Year-Old Girl in Kiserian



A disturbing case involving the kidnap, gang rape, murder, and cannibalism of a girl aged six by a gang of 15 boys has sent residents of Githima village near Kiserian town in Kajiado County into shock and horror.

According to a report by the Star, police investigations reveal that the innocent minor – Angela Wambui, 6, of Green Garden Academy- was gangraped before her throat was slit and her blood drunk.

The crucial information was reportedly provided by one of the suspects who was seized by members of the public and given a beating before he was handed over to Kiserian Police station. He was also taken to the Ngong Subcounty Hospital where he received several stitches on the head.

According to a police source privy to the investigations, the suspect disclosed that the girl was raped by 15 boys who spotted her as they were partying in Githima village.

They lured her to the party and she agreed to join them because she knew some of the boys from the neighborhood.

The suspects then reportedly took turns raping the girl before slitting her throat and drinking her blood.

They also ate some of her body parts in what some dumbstruck residents are speculating to be a cultic ritual. They said subjecting an innocent soul to such an ordeal was unheard of — not even seen in movies.

The girl’s mother said they are traumatised and find it hard to sleep at night because the gang is still roaming free.

“My daughter underwent a lot of pain before she was killed. She had woken up to a bright day and was more playful on that Friday morning before she was kidnapped,” she was quoted.

Ngong police said the deceased’s body parts were recovered in Githima village stuffed in a gunny bag, some two kilometres away from her home.

The said police source added that the 17-year-old suspect named all the accomplices and their parents. A manhunt is ongoing.

Police had initially linked the murder to members of the outlawed Mungiki sect but the new revelations have baffled them.

Residents who are still reeling from the shock on Monday took to social media to warn parents against letting their children walk alone.

While Ngong police boss Joseph Mwika on Saturday urged members of the public to stay vigilant

“Help us establish what’s happening with the youth in that area. They could be using drugs. Who is supplying them?” he posed.

Doctors at Ngong Subcounty Hospital have since taken samples from the suspect for analysis.

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