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Single LADIES in Kenya aged between 28-35 are not only a danger to the family unit, they are economic baggage



Men, beware of the hot toxic feminist. They
have good, sexy bodies. Because they’ve learnt how to suppress their
sexual-desires, they derive immense pleasure fr
om seeing you
lust over their shit, and knowing they won’t give it to you. They wear tight,
provocative dressing to formal meetings and enjoy seeing men wishing over their
tits. It’s all part of their devious game of male-exploitation.

Women like Sanaipei Tande, Wini Nkinda,
Givens Mideva, are lookers. But because they gave their hearts to alpha-males
who fucked them in the diab kabisa, they’re now “woke” and cautious. They don’t
give their hearts out just like that.

By Age 28 to 35, they’re practising
secondary-virginity. Dating them is a tedious task. You’re being lectured for
the slightest of things. Don’t worry, you’re not the problem. She’s merely
projecting her failures on you. In this “transitional” period, Sponsors become
the solution. Because Sponsors can tolerate their BS.

Once in a while, some hot dude beats them
at their game and fucks them hard. Like Wilson Shadrack did. Wilson was all up
in Boogey Chick’s anal. And then you will never hear the end of it. They become
motivational-speakers afterwards. Telling women to “guard their hearts”. Psycho

Many are also battling rejection. They
don’t understand why they’re still single, yet the women of lesser “pedigree”
or looks, settled and started families with the same dudes who were chasing
their diabs. In this conflict of conscience, they specifically target married
guys, just for the momentary thrill of feeling like “I can get your husband if
I want to”.

As a nigger, you just don’t fuck these
bitches and leave empty handed. They mind-fuck you in return. They indoctrinate
you with feminist ideology. They’re good conversationalists, yes. 

So you start
spending more time with them, and less with your family. Your kids become
neglected. Your kids start mis-performing in school. Teachers are the first to
detect their growing mental distraction.

Single bitches between 28-35 are a danger
to society. They ruin homes, shatter lives, all in their conceited rage against
the family unit. They deplete resources meant to build homes, educate kids and
all. And the money that goes to them, doesn’t necessarily build the economy
because they largely invest in imports. Imported weaves, watches, clothes,
perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery, and the likes.

So the single woman between 28-35 is not
only a danger to the family unit, but also an economic baggage. They add
absolutely no value to our GDP.


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