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Some politicians are obsessed with maize politics



Deputy President William Ruto has waded into the maze debate saying that the government was keen to triple rice production so as to stop the over-reliance of maize as cash crop.

Ruto said that plans were underway to increase rice production by 300 percent and that of potatoes by five times.

Speaking during the ongoing Nakuru International Investment Conference (NIICO 2018) in Naivasha, Ruto said that it was time to for Kenyans to diversify to other food.

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He caused laughter when without naming names accused some politicians been obsessed with maize politics.

“As we seek to start producing high income produce like avocados, some few elements are debating about maize storage instead of seeking new markets,” he said.

Ruto who represented President Uhuru Kenyatta at the event, said Naivasha in Nakuru County is poised to become a premier investment destination and industrial hub in the country.

“The presence of geothermal, its agricultural potential and Nakuru’s cosmopolitan magnet has made it more attractive to investors,” he said.

Ruto challenged the county government to leverage on the natural resources and the presence of the standard Gauge Railway to become a global investment destination,” he said

He hailed Governor Lee Kinyanjui and his administration for partnering with private firms and companies to realize Economic growth.

“The national governmentcontinue to secure favorable markets for exports and support development of small scale traders in expanding their business and seeking new market opportunities outside the country,” he said

Ruto said the establishment of an inland cargo depot in Naivasha will make the county a logistical  hub, reducing the cost of transport and delays that have been characterized issue,” he said.

He at the same time said that the government would review the downgrading of Naivasha noting that this had affected conferences.

On his part, the Governor said that they were keen to tap on tourism adding that this was a sector that could earn the county more.

“Recently Naivasha status was downgraded leading to a drop in the number of conferences and thus a loss to the hoteliers and we are seeking the intervention of the national government,” he said.

Kinyanjui praised the move to extend the SGR to Naivasha noting that this boast the economy of Mai Mahiu which was the center of the cargo distribution.

On his part, the CS for Devolution Eugene Wamalwa praised Nakuru government noting that the county had high potential.

He said that the government was keen to supply the county with more water to support the planned development in the industrial park.

“There is an ongoing urban development plan targeting various municipalities and Naivasha and Nakuru have qualified,” he said.

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