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Speeding, overtaking motorists cause 50% of road accidents – report



Kenya Roads Board has launched a safety campaign following the rise of road accidents across the country.

A survey by the board found 40 per cent of accidents on Kenyan roads involve pedestrians being injured or killed by overtaking or speeding motorists.

The KRB executive director, Jacob Ruwa, said the board will traverse the country to sensitize citizens on the importance of road safety.

He spoke during a safety awareness training in Nyamira on Thursday .

Ruwa said many deaths are caused by people who use their mobile phones while driving or crossing roads.

“There are some road users who do not care about their lives so they use mobile phones while driving, walking or crossing the road and this has led to many people – both motorists and pedestrians – losing their lives.”

Boda boda riders were trained on how to ride safely and were given free helmets and reflective vests.

Deputy county commissioner Beverly Opwora said the government is serious about road safety.

“We have lost so many lives on our Kenyan roads and we do not want to lose more. As we approach festivities, I know this is the time that we experience many deaths on the road, but I am sure if we follow the rules, we will ensure safety,” she said.

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Nyamira OCS Alexander Mumo said road users who break rules will face the law.

“We want to have a clean record on our roads. The government has raised concerns over deaths on the road and we need to support it to ensure all users are safe at all times,” he said.

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