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DAILY POST: Forex: The Best Way to Invest

About Foreign Exchange Market
Forex stands for foreign
exchange market. It works on principle “buy cheap, sell expensive” just like
other markets. Traders exchange one currency for another, making a profit on
the difference in exchange rates.
In the foreign exchange
market, there are always market participants, which continuously carry out the
transactions. Thanks to this, you can open/close a trading position at a market
price at any time.
Forex is an “over-the-counter market”, it doesn’t have an
established location.
The trading process is
automated, traders execute
orders through the special trading platforms. You can
open buy/sell
positions anywhere.
Developers take into account the needs and possibilities of traders and offer
different versions of platforms: desktop, mobile apps, and browser-based.
A certain number of
participants form the structure of the foreign exchange market, ranging from
the central and commercial banks to individuals. All market participants have
its own goals, whether hedging, regulating or speculative.

Forex allows trading
many currencies. There are more than 70 currency pairs, they are always traded
in pairs. If you buy one currency, you sell another one and vice versa. For
example, the GBP/USD currency pair where GBP is a base currency and USD is a quoted
one. That means a trader buys GBP and pays for it in USD.
Majors are the most
traded currencies: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD. The share of all
transactions with currency majors accounts for more than 80%. Traders get the
best opportunities while trading them.
What Do You Need for a Successful Start in the Forex Market
worked on demo accounts, you can open a real account. But do not forget that
working on real accounts involves more self-control and discipline. In order
emotions do not interfere with trading, the trader must clearly and accurately
follow the rules of his trading system and money management rules.
Trading Benefits With JustForex:
    The company is licensed to conduct brokerage
activities and is regulated by the Belize International Financial Services
Commission (License No. IFSC/60/241/TS/17).
JustForex uses
segregated accounts for keeping clients’ funds.
    The company ensures the safety of information
using a secure SSL connection with encryption.

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