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The rare occurrence of having 1 million Kenyan shillings




Just the other day, the Central Bank of Kenya released a strange but true statistic. The indication was that only 0.7% of Kenyan bank accounts have deposits of more than 1 Million shillings. That means most Kenyans could use some money right now. Isn’t it now clear that Kenyan millionaires are as rare as hen’s teeth?

Here’s another mind-boggling question: how can you get a million shillings legitimately?

 Imagine this, you wake up on a Friday morning with a start. It’s 6.00AM and as most Kenyans do, you grab your phone while still in bed. Firstly, to switch off the alarm or perhaps to snooze it. Then, you check your messages – WhatsApp first from your 30 groups in case you’ve missed out on some night time gossip and then your text messages. You find one from the genuine Safaricom number.

“CONGRATULATIONS! You have won 1 Million Shillings…” is all you can read. The rest are details!

How happy would you be? What would you use it for? Where would you put the money? who would you first call?

You can actually win one million shillings just like that. Just for being Kenyan and just for being on the largest mobile phone network. Just for using MPesa to send and receive money consistently and just for topping up your mobile phone with airtime.

This is what Safaricom is doing for the next 10 weeks. The company seeks to celebrate and reward more than 29 million customers for their continued loyalty. More than 5 million Safaricom customers across the country will be rewarded with more than KES 340 million in prizes and another 100 Safaricom customers will walk away with a KES 1 million cash prize each.

Shukrani KochoKocho Kenya Nzima campaign by Safaricom

It’s the biggest promotion Safaricom has ever offered to customers and it is dubbed “The Shukrani KochoKocho Kenya Nzima campaign”


How it works

To participate in the promotion, you will earn ten entries for every KES 20 top-up, and one entry for every KES 20 transacted on M-PESA. Qualifying M-PESA transactions include sending money, receiving money from a business, transfers from a financial institution to M-PESA, and all Lipa Na M-PESA transactions.

Eight winners from each of the eight regions will be rewarded with KES 1 million every week. In the Grand Finale, one winner from each of the 47 counties will be rewarded with KES 1 million. There will also be ten weekly draws for each of the regions which will see more than 500,000 customers win cash prizes of KES 1,000. More than 5 million customers will also stand to win daily airtime prizes. 

Let’s go for the big one. There’s a large probability that you are among the 99.3% of Kenyans who do not have 1 million shillings in your bank account. If that’s the case, be sure that you’re using Kenya’s strongest network each and every day and when you are, dial *456# today to check your entries. 

Please remember that Safaricom only contacts you through the official customer Care number 0722 000000.


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