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This video of a Tuk Tuk driver beating traffic cops has gone viral





Sooja Amevamiwa: This video of a Tuk Tuk driver beating traffic cops has gone viral

This past weekend, a video of a Tuk Tuk driver throwing stones at a traffic police officer has captured our attention.

In the video we see the traffic officers falling down and later running away as the Tuk Tuk driver tries to run them down.

The tuk Tuk guy comes out and starts throwing stones in a video filmed by another person.

Watch below and read the comments from Kenyans and what they think.


Nick Pera… They ought to be armed. This is veeery serious.

Cathy Gray …Kenya / African Police should be friendly with people , otherwise trouble waiting for them !

Victor Akubwa… Two traffic cops overwhelmed by a lone tuk tuk driver

Ray Ogeto …It was 2 vs 1 halafu hao wanaume wawili wanachana mbuga zile zao za kiganjo

Mourice Eng’era Ya Seretta… The Tuk Tuk’s windscreen seems shattered…. What about we think from that direction?

Mteshi Godfrey …My prayers have been answered, I was recently harassed by such a rogue cops in Parklands, sometimes traffic police behave worse than thugs, on this sijui nini inaendelea but I’m supporting the tuk tuk rider.

Joe Bloggs Munyui …Imagine giving them 50 Bob everyday and when you don’t have it, they threaten you, unachapa

Dennis Phares …This is kenya lawless country,police kill,citizen dont obey the law,the government officials are corrupt 24-7,the president appear drunk while addressing/warning the same badly behaving students abusing his cabinet.


Eng Dennoh …U stop ur car at bay, record video of a tuk tuk guy fighting with traffic officers and post it asking whether they should be armed! Are u normal? Did u get out and inquire what happened?

Kim Tyny …Armed for what? Do you know how this cops harass people on roads for no reason, just to solicit bribe, and behave like they themselves ride and commute in private jets. If I was there I would have assisted that tuktuk guy

Mike Kamunya …This guy must have had it up to his neck with these cops who see most motorists as moving ATMs

Marion Mwangi …my thoughts… once in a while pwagu hupata pwaguzi. you have never been harassed by a rogue one ujue vile inafeel.

Millicent Odhiambo ….Wanasumbuanga sana hao traffic police. Wacha wachapwe kidogo

Veronicah Nduta …Well deserved they probably have taken enough bribe for him until he had enough.. Hakuna huruma hapa.. This police officer are too much

Baraka Juma …Ask and find out what prompted the Tuk Tuk driver to act that way

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