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To protect votes, Museveni says he ‘bribes’ citizens to leave wetlands



Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has confessed to bribing citizens to leave wetlands prone to landslides.

He told delegates at the Blue Economy conference in Nairobi that he does so “in order to protect his votes”.

“We are trying to bribe our people who invaded the wetlands in Uganda. To get them out, we are giving them money. I know it’s a type of bribe but we need the votes,” Museveni told the delegation.

Museveni said pollution is another major challenge to the environment as industrial effluent is deposited into water bodies.

“We have started the war against bad fishing and those using crude equipment,” he added.

All the boats operating on the lake get electronic registration to have them monitored.

He said vegetation around the Lakes should be protected to ensure water getting on the lake is sifted.

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