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TUM students protest deregistration of colleagues over fees



Police on Monday lobbed teargas to disperse Technical University of Mombasa students who were protesting the deregistration of their colleagues who failed to pay fees.

Some students were arrested during the running battles with the police.

TUMSA activists’ board addressed the students who assembled at the Graduation Square.

Among the issues they discussed was the deregistration of students who did not pay fees on time.

“There are new policies that frustrate students…like automatic deregistering of students upon failure to pay fees on strict datelines,” student Sali Okiko said.

As soon as the students gathered for the meeting, a van carrying armed anti-riot police arrived at the college.

On Sunday, a message by activists circulated on social media inviting students for the meeting.

“The meeting will be peaceful depending on how participants will handle the matters we discuss,” read the message in part.

Students were warned against wearing open shoes, jackets and baggy clothing.

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