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Two ‘forced’ to drink hydrogen peroxide hospitalised in Nyandarua



Two teenagers from Rutara, Nyandarua county, are admitted to J.M Memorial Hospital in Ol Kalou after allegedly being forced to drink hydrogen peroxide.

The boys were assaulted by a person unknown to them while still healing having been circumcised six days earlier.

Nurse Winnie Wakarima on Sunday said the boys, aged 16 and 17, were taken to the facility at 5pm unconscious.

“Tests show they were given hydrogen peroxide by a person unknown to them, who also assaulted them,” she said.

The culprit reportedly escaped after the victims started vomiting.

 A brother of one of the boys said he smelt the chemical as he passed near the house.

On checking, he found the boys unconscious. The caretakers were alerted and the boys were taken to the hospital.

“We gave them first aid, resuscitated them, and then administered drugs and IV fluids. We have admitted them for observation. They are in stable condition, but one is still confused,” Wakarima said.

The caretakers declined to talk to journalists.

A neighbour, who only identified himself as Mwangi, claimed alleged the person who gave the boys the hydrogen peroxide did so accidentally.

He said the suspect lived within the compound. Mwangi told journalists that the said person had been sent to get ‘shrine water’ for the boys, but accidentally took a container containing hydrogen peroxide instead. The chemical is used to clean milk cylinders.

“We gave the boys milk, which made them vomit. We took them to the hospital instead of calling the doctor who circumcised them since we did not know if the chemical is dangerous,” Mwangi said.

He alleged the teenagers have been hallucinating and claiming they were attacked by evil spirits.

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