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Why I call my mom ”bi*ch’, Akothee’s daughter Rue baby explains



Esther Akoth, aka Akothee aka Madam boss’ daughter, Rue Baby, has dismissed claims that she along with her sisters are disrespectful to their mom.

This comes after the teenager and her celebrity mother were involved in a nasty exchange on Instagram early this year where Ruby called Akothee ‘bitch’.

“Waaaahh… bitch you be making that noise this early morning @akotheekenya… eiii please am sleeping,” she posted.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni, the 20-year-old model, said that it’s quite normal for her and her siblings to call Akothee all sorts of names thanks to the deep love and bond they all share. She went on to rubbish claims that the video clearly showed how ‘spoilt’ and disrespectful they are to their parent.




It’s not an abuse eti tunamtusi, I would say we have the best relationship with our mom, my mom is our best friend. Actually ukatupata tumekaa tunazungumza unaeza dhani ni madada wanne, so us calling her bitch it’s not a big deal so watu kwa mtandao wanafaa wawache kuchukua nikama tunatusi mama yetu. She said.

Venye ametulea na venye tumekuwa close na yeye through out all those troubles she has been through, we have built that relationship and that bond. So us calling her whatever name we want to refer her with she does not mind, as long as your mother does not mind I think it is ok.

The second born daughter revealed that unlike what many perceive, they were actually brought up in a spiritual family by a tough and a non-nonsense mother who values discipline.

I would say ilikuwa ngumu sana, vile mnamuona ivo ndio amekuwa hata akitulea tangu tukiwa watoto hadi sahii she would be harsh, strict hizo zote. We are seventh day adventists so kila saturday lazima twende kanisani.

Asked why at some point she felt like she was not getting as equal love and attention from her mom compared to her siblings, Rue said;

Nili feel nikama alikuwa anajaribu kutu discriminate. Dadangu mkubwa alikuwa anaona nikama anapendwa sana, dadangu mdogo anaona nikama mimi napendwa sana sasa kila mmoja alikuwa anaona nani anapendwa.

My mom has always been there for me but since I joined the industry she’s like okay you want to do this? Do it on your own, so I needed to get her love.

So who is Akothee’s favorite child?

I can’t be the favorite child, my younger brother Oyoo of course.

what she loves most about her mom.

Her hard work. My mom is a very hardworking woman, what she has she works hard for it.

Listen to the entire interview below.

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