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14 dead in Dusit attack, President Kenyatta says all assailants killed



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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday morning declared the terrorist attack at the 14 Riverside Drive over, with all the terrorists having been killed.

He did not specify the number of the gunmen that had stormed the building complex, which houses the upmarket DusitD2 Hotel, among others.

A total of 14 people were killed, the President Kenyatta told Kenyans in a media briefing from State House, Nairobi.

He thanked the security agencies for a “swift and quick” response.

Mr Kenyatta said Kenya will relentlessly pursue those involved in the attack.

“We will seek out every person involved in the funding, planning and execution of this heinous act,” he said. “We will pursue them wherever they will be, until they are held to account.”

While assuring Kenyans of their safety, the President promised to “continue every step to make our nation inhospitable to terrorist groups and their networks.”

“I take note of Kenyans who took to social media to spread hope and criticise false information. You have shown the world bravery, patriotism and love,” Mr Kenyatta said.