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Actress Elizabeth Sonia: ‘I fell in love with a celebrity, and I never want to date one ever again’



I would say I got into acting by accident or luck. One of my cousins happens to be a scriptwriter. While working for Jiffy production, they needed an extra so I was recommended. That was in 2018. I must have done pretty well with the role because I ended up being tasked with a much bigger role on Kovu.

I love portraying Tamara on Kovu because she is fearless and smart. She has everything calculated.  She can be a sweetheart and a devil at the same time. I have had to be two different people at times. Executing that is not easy. That is why I love it because it gets the best out of me.

Both roles are eye-opening as they mirror our daily lives.. On Maza, I portray a superhuman, working for a witch. I’m a cat by day and witch by night. On Kovu I play the calculative and ambitious gold digger

In my first job, I worked at a front desk in a pharmacy but with time I learnt to prescribe drugs and became a pharmacist haha.

I later worked as a waitress before one of Sanlam managers who believed I had the gift of the gab, poached and trained me to be a financial consultant, so I joined the insurance industry.  

Earning my first Sh200,000 as a financial consultant was one of the best things to have ever happened to me. I badly needed that kind of money.

Actress Elizabeth Sonia: ‘I fell in love with a celebrity, and I never want to date one ever again’ Photo | Pool

I have made relationship mistakes. We all do, only a few lucky ones date once and end up happily married.

 I am not married, with my first baby daddy we have been doing this co-parenting thing for seven years, and its not been an easy road. With the second baby daddy, things have been worse but we move on regardless.  Si ni life!


My definition of a deadbeat is a stupid man that leaves a woman to raise a kid singlehandedly. It’s disheartening to think that they exist.

At 27, I’m already a mother of two. All of my babies were never planned but I’m content with my current brood. I am not getting another kid, being a single mom of two isn’t a walk-in the park.  

I subscribe to the cliché, All men are dogs but it depends what type of dog yours is. There are some that behave like the actual street dogs that have no manners at all and some are to be groomed, they nag but have manners and they are the loyal.

I fell in love with a celebrity, he happens to be my first baby daddy. After the experience, I really don’t want to date someone in the limelight again.

The celeb, a well-known gospel artist, abandoned me when I was pregnant. I was 20 and without a job. I being a Muslim and him a Christian it was messy. He was a serial cheat and we had to end things.

The second guy we cohabited with for two years, he got me pregnant then one day he just left and never came back. Again I was on my own.

The most difficult task as a single mother of two is not being able to have a fatherly figure in their lives. Going out and seeing my kid admire other kids with their dads breaks me. At times when I see how other men love their kids, I always find myself breaking down. How I wish I could give my kids that little but critical bit.  

My children are my motivation to move on no matter what lemons life throws at me.

My life lesson; work hard to make money. Money earns you respect, it is everything, it will get you any kind of man you desire. Money will open doors for you.

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