African countries with the highest population


Having a high population at times becomes difficult for a government if the budget is not well planned. This is because with an increase in population, a lot of commodities and public sectors have to be enhanced in order to be able to deal with the increase in population.

Failure to do so may result to increase in crime rates, unemployment, increase in poverty and poor health care.

Certain countries in Africa have managed to do well even though their population is high.

  1. Nigeria 


The west African nation which has the largest economy in Africa has the highest population.n Its total population is 195,875,237 .



Ethiopia which recently elected its first female president is the second most populated country in Africa.It has a total population of 107,534,882.



Egypt which has one of the biggest economies in Africa is also one of the most populated. It has a total number of 99,375,741 people.

4.DR Congo


Being one of the largest countries in Africa which is full of so many  resources. Congo has a total number of 84,004,989.



The East African nation has also had its population increase over the years. It has a current population of 59,091,392 people.

6.South Africa


One of the most developed or rather the most developed country in Africa is also one of the most populated. It has struggled over the years with the high rates of HIV/AIDS but it doesn’t seem to have caused any decrease in its population.



Being one of the fastest economies in Africa, Kenya has had a growth in its population since its last census. It has a total of 50,950,879 people.


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