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AfriCities aftermath: Alarm as Covid numbers shoot up in Kisumu



Health experts in Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) counties have raised concerns about rising Covid-19 cases.

This comes as residents have been showing mild symptoms of Covid-19 in the form of the flu.

With the face mask mandate removed in March, residents have lowered their guard against Covid-19 and are not sanitising, keeping social distance or wearing face coverings.

LREB Health Pillar Director Dr Rosemary Obara said infection rates had started increasing in the region.

Residents have been asked to take precautions as another Covid-19 wave is looming.

Face masks

“Covid-19 did not go away despite the ban on public wearing of face masks. People have relaxed on preventive measures,” Dr Obara said.

She added that few residents are being vaccinated for Covid-19.

Kakamega has the highest number of residents vaccinated against the respiratory disease, followed closely by Kisumu and Siaya.

“My advisory for the county government is to go back to sensitise locals on the possible looming wave. We are not yet out of danger with Covid-19,” she said.

Kisumu County Public Health Director Fredrick Oluoch noted that 13 people had tested positive out of 244 samples.

“From the statistics, Kisumu Central, Kisumu East and Kisumu West [are the] most affected. People need to take Covid-19 measures seriously,” said Mr Oluoch.

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