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Aisha Jumwa new strategy in Kilifi governor’s race – Weekly Citizen



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Vocal Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa has said she will sidestep the national alliance campaigns to concentrate on her Kilifi governorship race. According to her aides, Jumwa who is facing criminal charges relating to murder and misuse of NG-CDF has lost a lot of time, not only in courts, but also campaigning across the country for UDA’s presidential candidate, the sitting deputy president William Ruto.

Aisha Jumwa

Political analysts do aver that Jumwa, one of the front-runners for the seat, has to coverup time wasted in public rallies, and courts, hence the decision to pitch tent in the county lately. For now, the MP has been gaining a huge following, the fallout experience in ODM and governor of Kilifi Amason Kingi led Paa outfit withstanding. The latest Jumwa catch is former assistant minister and provincial astute administrator, Francis Baya, who defected from ODM to UDA.

Gideon Mung’aro

Baya was angling to be nominated on ODM ticket to face Jumwa. However, the Raila Odinga led party decided to give a direct ticket to Gideon Mung’aro. Baya is former Ganze MP and to show how serious he is, Jumwa visited Baya’s rural residence where they held talks before defecting to UDA. Weekly Citizen has information that Jumwa reached out to deputy president on his phone and informed the second in command that Baya was joining UDA.

George Kithi

Sources say Ruto is planning to receive Baya officially to the party either in Nairobi or in Kilifi. Also to ditch Paa is Ruth Bendera. She joined UDA after she failed to win Paa ticket for Kilifi North MP. Her decision to join UDA is key to area MP Owen Baya’s re-election on UDA. Bendera was received by Jumwa in the presence of Baya. Jumwa apart from Mung’aro (ODM), faces George Kithi (Paa), and Franco Esposito, alias Kagogo Baya, running as an independent candidate.

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