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Aisha Jumwa threatens to storm Good News Church



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Trouble is looming after Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa threatened to rally the public to storm a church on claims of propagating radical teachings.

Ms Jumwa alleged that Mr Paul Makenzi of Good News International Church is radicalising children against formal education.

“It is absurd that despite having been arrested and charged, the pastor continues radicalising school children,” she said.

“The community is tired of him. I have received so many complains. Although the case is before the court, people are tired of his extreme religious teachings,” she added.

In September this year, a video clip of children aged between six to 17 renouncing education went viral on social media leading to public outcry.

In October 2017, police officers raided the church, rescued 63 children and arrested Pastor Makenzi and other church members.

Mr Makenzi was later arraigned and charged with promoting radicalisation. He denied the offence and was released on a Sh500,000 bond.

The pastor’s followers include primary and secondary school and university students.

But Mr Makenzi said he strictly follows Biblical teachings. “If anyone feels offended by my summons and teachings, let them go to court and produce evidence. I am not afraid to serve my God,” he said.