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Akothee threatens to post her nudes in two weeks – Weekly Citizen




Following the recent nude photos of world renowned model Naomi Campbell in Malindi, Kenya’s controversial singer Akothee has threatened to post her nudes online in two week’s time.

On  her facebook page  while reacting to Naomi’s photo shoot she decried kenyan’s double standards when it comes to their own celebrities.


“If I do this kind of photo shoot, my passport will be marked red, never to step into Kenya land again, even with all the debts they have they will forget that and make this a topic, they will mistake that waist chain for rituals.

“I need this photo shoot in two weeks it’s summer. Some of my fans will disown me publicly, but own me privately, some will call off the title role model but still have the screenshots doing rounds on Akothees clubs, and their screen savers.

“Now they are on your page praising, black beauty this world is not our home, sisi wapita njia,” she wrote.



In the photo shoot taken at an undisclosed desert location in Kenya, the 49-year-old model is stark naked save for a bead around her waist while she revealed in the caption the shoot was for British Vogue magazine.

Model Naomi Campbell in a phoot shoot in Malindi

Naomi Campbell herself said that, this kind of nudes took her years to find confidence in doing.


“It’s taken me a long time to feel right in my body- it’s something that has come with age, and has really only happened over the past few years,” she wrote in an article published on Tuesday.

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