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“Allow My Brother To Rule For Just A Year, He Is Getting Old” Oburu Begs Kenyans




Raila Odinga’s elder brother Oburu Odinga has pleaded with Kenyans and government officials to give his brother a chance to rule this country.

Oburu who is the East Africa Legislative assembly representative said that his brother is capable of managing the country and Kenyans should give him a try.

In the recent past however Raila Odinga has dismissed plans to vie for Kenya’s top seat again, saying his main duty is to unite Kenyans at the moment.

Mr Odinga has repeatedly told Kenyans to hold their horses on succession politics, some of his lieutenants, including his brother, Dr Oburu Oginga, have hinted on several occasions that “he is too young to retire from politics”.

Yesteday Mr. Oburu came out clear to say that Raila deserve another chance to rule Kenya before he officially retire from politics.

“Raila will soon get old and he is a good leader, Kenyans deserve to give him a chance even if it is just a year.

“We all know what he has done for this country, it is only good to be respected with the presidency as he prepares to retire from politics.” He said

But his comments led to a heated discussion online as Self-proclaimed 5 Star general Miguna Miguna said that Oburu’s comments is a sign of frustrations.


“Oburu Oginga says that “Kenyans should make Raila Odinga President even for one year.” This is beyond desperation. It is a reminder to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s public plea of “Make me President even for one day,” which failed as Raila’s SELFISH desperation must also FAIL.

“The issue of LEADERSHIP, good governance, democracy and rule of law is not, must not be and cannot be about the SELFISH AMBITIONS of one person, persons, family or families. They must be about the COLLECTIVE INTERESTS of all Kenyans. No special entitlements. #DespotsMustFall” Miguna Posted in his facebook account